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Reading material for the week:

  • Do you have a lot of projects going on? Read this article about working in themes, which I am planning to try out for the next six months.
  • I loved this article on how to find peace in a busy life. As someone who feels overwhelmed very easily, every time I start to emotionally hyperventilate I read this article again.

We’ve talked of being busy for so long that we’ve forgotten that being busy was never the goal. We are not on this earth to be busy. We are here to build relationships, experience life, go places, create things, help others, or whatever else you decide. Our reasons for being will all be different but I have a feeling that none of us feel we are here simply to be busy.

  • And in contrast with all the sober and productive articles I’ve been reading, I stumbled on this one: Why I Hate My Giant Dong


There is no casual way to spread the word that you’ve got a plus-size penis. Any attempt to disseminate information regarding your Richard will — nay, must — be met with skepticism, pity, and annoyance. At best people will assume you’re lying; at worst they’ll believe you and think you’re bragging. You look like a tool either way.

  • I’ve been waiting for someone to write a post like this for years: Carrie Bradshaw math. I mean, come on. As much as I loved the show, anyone with two brain cells to rub together could see that one measly column could not possibly have supported her Manolo habit.
  • Have you heard about Slutwalk? I’m all for sexual liberation and equality and I come from a country like Malaysia where the accepted public opinion is that women are victimized and raped because of the way they dress, a view which is both misogynistic and ironically also held by many women themselves. I acknowledge the need to neutralize derogatory terms such as slut and dyke and whore but I’m not so sure that these are names that we should be claiming per se. This article raises some interesting points about it:

I thought to myself, after hearing of SlutWalk, about how much language and empowerment is racialized. How would the Mexican-American mothers I know feel about their daughters calling themselves whores? Or the Black mothers of friends react to their daughters calling themselves sluts? Probably not well.

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