Reading material for the week:

  • To keep but not be kept is about the writer’s experience as an Asian lady dating a Caucasian man while living in Shanghai, the mecca of China living expats.

He was no longer the boyfriend whose home I shared, the journalist whose dedication and drive kept me inspired, the man who scratched my back through entire seasons of “The Sopranos.” In that moment, he was just a laowai, another foreigner in China taking home an Asian woman like a souvenir.

  • I love looking at beautiful things, and I love reading beautiful quotes. Gens du Monde happens to feature both in good doses.
Screenshot of the Gens du Monde blog
  • I know everyone looks at those people in Starbucks, intently typing away and thinks: Pooh, posers. But the truth is, I really do write better and more productively in coffee shops. This article in The Atlantic explains why: Working best at coffee shops.

Put in a silent room before a blank page, it’s almost impossible to write. Neither is it be ideal to work near a television set that keeps drawing one’s attention or a room where a child keeps interrupting. In a coffeehouse, its rare for someone to intrude on the space of a patron with an open laptop and a look of concentration. Still, there is just enough conversation and foot traffic in the background that you’re forced to semi-consciously tune it out.