1. The Women’s Focus Eclectic Magazine: Persephone Magazine

Read this if you’re female, between the ages 18-100 and love having a place where you can find smart, insightful and funny content ranging from commentary about women’s rights in Egypt to how to make the best caramelized onions ever. Disclaimer: I contribute to this magazine from time to time.

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2. The Magazine That Talks Like Your Best Friend: HelloGiggles.com

Read this if you’ve had a long day at work and your boss yelled at you and the coffee machine broke down and your best friend is about a million miles away. With stuff like illustrated tweets and open letters galore, who could help but smile?

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3. The Arts and Culture Magazine: The Morning News

Read this if you want long-form articles, essays, and opinion pieces on art and culture. They also have morning and afternoon headlines and links to interesting online flotsam and jetsam.

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4. The Gen-Y Magazine: Thought Catalog

Read this if you’re Gen-Y (duh!) and interested in smart, sarcastic articles that tell you how to drink at home by yourself and why you should date an illiterate girl.

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5. The Book Geek’s Magazine: The Millions

Read this if you, like me, are a complete and unabashed book geek and like to keep up with what’s happening in the book world.

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6. The Cultural Curator Magazine: Brain Pickings

Read this if you are a classic scanner and love discovering new stuff to get interested in and obsessed with. It’s also great if you’re particularly fond of list posts.

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